2017-11-13 17:11:26

Shaping and Managing Your Child`s developing Behaviour

"A Happy Child grows up to be a Happy Adult and that makes a Happy Planet to live in". From By Studenting EraRead More
2017-09-15 13:00:10

What are the things you`re holding as an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship! Is it an innate ability, present from birth or a learned behaviour? From By Studenting EraRead More
2017-08-12 13:51:20

Shape Your Career Through Digitization!

The exponential growth in digitization and online connectivity is the one hack that is revolutionizing how you shape your career. From By Studenting EraRead More
2017-01-30 16:30:08

Overcoming the Inexperience Barrier as a Student Entrepreneur

When you are still a student and on the journey to entrepreneurship there is a lot of ambition that throttles you. From By Abhimanyu BoseRead More
2017-01-23 14:18:15

Start your business while you study

When you are in college, starting your business might seem the toughest job to undertake but it is the best time in history to do so. From By Abhimanyu BoseRead More
2016-12-20 16:13:48

9 positive habits every student must have

There is a very simple equation of life. Either you are happy or you are not. But you can make yourself happy for all you need is a fresher perspective and effort. From Abhimanyu BoseRead More
2016-12-13 12:12:13

Keep your mind sharp in 3 ways.

Every day we are flooded with more and more information. Our lively hood depends on what we remember and how we remember it. From By Abhimanyu BoseRead More
2016-12-08 12:29:07

Things every college student should know

1. The reality of text books

There are two simple rules to follow when it comes to textbooks:

From By Abhimanyu BoseRead More
2016-11-23 11:31:17

Entrepreneurial Thinking while in College

When the word entrepreneur highlights in any conversation, people tend to associate it with starting their own business. Even though the definition suggests that, it is not the exact story. From By Abhimanyu BoseRead More
2016-10-28 12:13:27

Career Exploration: Align your career to yourself.

A lifelong practice for every individual is career exploration, but the earlier this journey is undertaken at the better it is for the traveler - through action and clarity.

From By Knowledge DeskRead More
2016-10-28 11:56:06

Real-time Collaboration in Online Learning:

The Digital revolution has delivered beyond. Decreasing the distance and increasing more collaboration. For education, it has decreased distance and time as a barrier to the imbibing of knowledge. From By Abhimanyu BoseRead More
2016-09-27 17:57:29

Being a Hero @ Studentingera

We generally assert the term HERO to an individual who exceeds normal human expectations in some capacities and outperforms beyond human boundaries. Whether it is Malala Yousafzai who took a bullet for the right to education for girls or Svetlana Alexandrovna Alexievich, the Nobel laureate for literature.

From Knowledge DeskRead More
2016-09-27 17:49:43

A Digital Student Portal: your library in the Digital Age

Studentingera is a portal catering to a student’s academic and lifestyle needs. An ecosystem that will harbor student communities, discussions, notes, webinars, and other assets that are there to benefit anyone in the education industry.

From Abhimanyu BoseRead More
2016-09-12 20:19:35

Beyond Digital Learning @Studentingera

Today the mobile and the digital device is not just a device anymore, its lifestyle. Any service provided through these lifestyle devices become a part of our living when it offers care. From From Knowledge DeskRead More
2016-09-12 20:10:45

Being the smart student in the Digital Age

The Digital age benefits everyone, even a student. Not just online learning and courses, but helping students be a part of it and build an ecosystem that is symbiotic in nature. From From Abhimanyu BoseRead More
2016-09-05 18:12:00

Digitization of Educational Services

The wave of digitization has not only hit but everything is floating on it. Traditional methods are being sidelined to online communities, discussion groups, training, courses, guides and other online student services. From Knowledge DeskRead More
2016-09-05 18:12:00

Digital Student Portals: 6 Reasons for you to consider it.

Anything over the internet looks like a lucrative aspect to look into or seek for in an age where digital devices are closer than jewelry and a broadband connection is more important than air conditioning. From Abhimanyu BoseRead More
2016-09-05 18:12:00

Our Inspiration & aspiration...

We started envisaging a dream to parent the students towards success.

From The CEO`s DeskRead More