5 Reasons you might Fear a Career Change

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While for some people, a new job means new opportunities, new people, and new working style; for some, it only implies fear and worry. Many of us dread changing career and continue to stick with the existing one even if it means a stagnant career with no advancements or elevation. Your job is one of the most important things in your life and hence working at a place you no longer enjoy or makes you feel unsatisfied, underpaid or unappreciated is a clear signal that you must look for a career change before it’s too late.

Studenting Era is the best career-counselling site in Delhi NCR. We have been guiding and counselling people on how to choose the right career, how to sustain in that job, and how and when to make a career change. Therefore, having a steady experience of offering the career counselling online, Studenting Era deducted five reasons why one might fear a career change. Besides, we also have a few simple solutions on how to combat this fear.

1. Attachment to the current job and loyalty towards a current employer

Providing the best career counselling in Delhi NCR, Studenting Era counsellors have often heard people worrying about what their current employer will think and how the current employer will manage things after they left. This loyal behaviour stops them from attempting a career change. However, one must first be loyal to themselves and then to the bosses. If you keep on working in the same place without any purpose or progress, you are just disloyal to yourself and your career.

2. Fear you might not like the new job or maybe hate it

As a rule of thumb, we always first think of things that might go wrong rather than the contrary. We fear that the new job might be more miserable with an even more pathetic boss and conclude to tolerate the miseries you are familiar with than to put your head into something you don’t know. A quick solution to this is to be more informative. Research well about the new place, the bosses, and the working style. If you know what you are getting into you, the fear of career change will not petrify you anymore.

3. You don’t want to come out of your comfort zone

Studenting Era counsellors have heard thousands of people talk about their career during their online career counselling sessions. According to them, many don’t want to leave their existing job because they have become too comfortable at it. Going to a new place is like retooling yourself, learning the new work, befriending new people and indulging in a new routine. All this seems a little too much, and subsequently, they start fearing a career change. To overcome this fear, you have to understand and then remember that new place also means new opportunities and exciting experiences. Once you set your mind positive, you will find that you are ready for a career change.

4. You fear you might not be as good as you are now

Many of us say we are what we do and going somewhere else and doing something else pose chances that you may or may not be good at it. Known for providing the best career counselling in India, Studenting Era counsellor’s advice that knowing your key strengths is essential. If you know them, you’ll be as good in your next job as your now.

5. You are clueless on what to do next

Studenting Era counsellors that offer the best career counselling in India affirm that most people who make up their mind for a career change are clueless on how to go about it. They fidget about what should be their first step and how will they find a career better than they already have. Such confusions make them fear a career change. So, if you are so confused, you can simply reach out to Studenting Era for online career counselling and get comprehended with solutions of your every possible career problem.