Entrepreneurship Development
Mentorship Program

As we move forward towards a progressive economy, there is a need for vigorous innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. The world requires transformational business along with influx of first generation entrepreneurs. Through this program, Studenting Era would like to encourage students to aspire to be leaders of businesses. This program will take the students through a three phases of learning cycle. The student will be exposed to state-of-the-art online training, followed by online mentorship through eminent thought leaders and finally introducing them to the incubation process

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Project & Employability Program

This is a very crucial part of studentship. Under this Program, Studenting Era aims to provide a new age online project evaluation & guidance. As well as creating a platform for students & enterprises to collaborate through employment and internship.


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    Lifestyle Value Additions

    Studenting Era wishes to provide all kinds of support and services which are essentially important for students.

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2018-01-03 15:38:16

Are you thinking about your skills development and employability?

In the changing scenario, there is an overpowering need for skilled workers for the industry and the job market. India produces close to 50 lakh graduates every year.

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2017-11-13 17:11:26

Shaping and Managing Your Child`s developing Behaviour

"A Happy Child grows up to be a Happy Adult and that makes a Happy Planet to live in".

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2017-09-15 13:00:10

What are the things you`re holding as an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship! Is it an innate ability, present from birth or a learned behaviour?

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