10 Skills Required to Compete in Today’s World.

What are the skills that students must aim at in order to be successful in the future? Is the present teaching and assessment process that howls over memorization and recalling enough to prepare students for jobs that don’t even exist now?

During the times when the economy has shifted from industrial facet to more innovative phase, knowledge and proficiency in barely foundational skills are not sufficient. Students, in today’s time, must master a roll of other skills as well, to sustain in jobs that are driven by creativity and analytics. Several entrepreneurship development programmes in India, today are manoeuvring special competitive skills in students that will help them be successful in whatever career options they pick after graduation.

Following are the competencies one needs to triumph over in order to compete in today’s world:

  1. Global approach:

Cultural aptitude and a global mindset are two crucial skills that employers today are looking for. The world is rapidly becoming smaller, with international business becoming every day’s thing. Awareness about the happenings in the contemporary world and their impact has become a significant aspect of today’s global economy. This is why myriad students are now opting for global collaborative learning and similar projects & employability programs as they offer extensive prospects for the development of such skills.

  1. Adaptive behaviour

Adaption is both inevitable and fundamental for students to compete in today’s world. The future propositions will break all the boundaries between man and machine, leading to great technological advancements. Hence, such situations call for skills like adaptive thinking, flexibility, and candidness towards learning something new. For this cause, business development training is being conducted so as to prepare students for the hostile and varying work environment.

  1. Powerful communication skills

This has been and will always be a significant characteristic that employers look for. Strong communication skills, both written and verbal are crucial for sustaining in any industry. With the expansion of digital arena, new ways of communication have developed. People have moved beyond on-face and e-mail communications. Now, one also needs to be proficient in communicating through video calls, conference calls, social media and so on.

  1. Teamwork

A student’s lifestyle is more about competition and independence. One likes to go solo when it comes to classroom assignments and tests. But work lifestyle mandates collaboration and teamwork. It is an important skill one must practice to maintain harmony at the workplace. To stand tall in today’s world one must know the art of working in a team. And this applies to both employer and employee.

  1. Inquisitiveness

Today’s world demands individuals who like asking questions and are curious to know things. Dumb and mum people are more likely to fail in achieving anything big. Your inquiry skills or openness to asking questions demonstrate your confidence which consequently helps you progress in today’s innovation-driven workspace.

  1. Creativity

The economy today has made a smart shift from manufacturing products to creativity and innovation. The all-new sector has been developed in our financial system which is devoted to the creative sphere and which makes for a sound foundation for future industries. This small shift will be all over the place in next ten years. Hence, individuals who are creative, have novel ideas to bang away at varied situations and have imaginative perceptions towards things are more probable to reap success.

  1. Technological expertise

Technology has overtaken every aspect of our life. Hence, technical proficiency has become a requisite in today’s world. It is an age of digitalization and whether or not your job is technical, you must know what’s under the hood. Increase in online learning courses and online learning programs have contributed immensely in making students familiar with basics of technology.

  1. Analytical skills

A critical side of work is to analyze your functioning and the results achieved by them. Companies and employers are looking for individuals that have a good analytical approach. It’s like shooting in the dark if you don’t know what you did and what impact it created. Metrics- directed individuals have proved to bring out better outcomes. It also motivates you and aids you in setting practical targets.

  1. Problem-solving ability

Employees’ merely taking directions is the thing of the past. Now, they are expected to actively participate in decision making and solve problems and issues at their end. Today, the world demands individuals with critical thinking and problem-solving ability. Sensible evaluation, self-starters and decisive thinkers are more desirable than otherwise.

  1. Interpersonal skills

Body language, time-management, organizational expertise are few skills that remain dormant but are extensively crucial. They help you craft a better impact on your employer and colleagues. For being successful both from the client and internal aspect, you must be a pro at these interpersonal skills.