7 Career Mistakes to avoid for a successful career

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Making mistakes in your career and learning from them is a conventional process that everybody unknowingly and unintentionally follows. It is a competitive world out there, where everyone is a house of talents and flairs. Therefore, though making mistakes is natural but sometimes it can have damaging impacts on your career. Hence, if it is essential to make the right career decisions, it is equally significant to avoid making certain mistakes. Let’s check out what are those mistakes that you must avoid for a successful career.

1.       Letting your skills become passé

Studenting Era counsellors, known for providing the best career counselling in Delhi NCR, insist on continuing the counselling sessions even after getting a job, for they believe learning is a never-ending process and one must keep updating their skill in sync with new technological advancements. To continue your personal development, you must be willing to adopt changes and adjust accordingly.

2.       Feeling apprehensive in making a job change

Often people come to counsellors complaining about how unsatisfied they are in their current job but are afraid to switch thinking about the perils that the new job might bring. On asking for advice on the same to the best career profile consultants in Delhi NCR, the response was, never to be afraid of taking that plunge. If you keep on working in the same organisation, unwillingly and in constraint, it is a big career mistake that you are making. Having said that, if you finally gather the courage to switch, do make sure you have done enough research about the organisation before you close that option.

3.       Quitting before getting a new job

You must never quit a job without an alternative option being lined up. It is easier and safer to look and get a job while you are still working than to leave the current position and then seek another. The job market is quite unpredictable, and you don’t want to lessen your chances of being hired on account of being unemployed, as usually, without much a logic, unemployed people are judged as unemployable.

4.       Self-doubts

Not believing in oneself is another career mistake that people usually do. Multiple questions asked during the online career assessment programme in Delhi NCR revealed that most people are under-confident about themselves in the face of seniors and new colleagues. However, you should be confident about yourself, as if you won’t, no else would also. Remember the things you have achieved in life and move ahead with confidence.

5.       Ruining the balance between work and life

Being occupied in work to the point that you blur the lines between your personal and professional life is a common mistake that people unknowingly commit. The career profile consultants in Delhi NCR admits that if work is essential so is your sanity. If you overwork, you increase the risk of reaching a point where you no longer enjoy the work. Therefore, having some fun outside of work and leaving from work on time are few things you can to maintain work-life balance.

6.       Taking a job for money

Yes, we all work for financial satisfaction, but in the long run, this want takes a back seat while work satisfaction grabs the spotlight. The expert Studenting Era counsellors that provide the best career counselling in Delhi NCR have several clients telling them how they sulk in their current work which they took up only because of higher pay, or how they left a job they loved for a boring job that was paying them more. Trust us when we say, it is never worth it.

7.       Believing the grass is greener on the other side

A mere belief that the next workplace would be better is no reason to quit a job. Such thoughts often leave you disappointed because the grass is not always greener. There are several online career counselling sessions that help you decide when, how and why should you look for a job change.  Only when you are content that you are switching for all the right reasons should make a job change, else stick to the existing one.