Importance of Employability Skills from Employers’ Perspective

No longer does education qualification serve, as the sole criterion for getting or not getting a job. Employers, today, demand a lot more than just a degree. They are looking for specific skills and flairs that can contribute to harmonious and efficient working environment. These skills are, in general term, called the employability skills.

Employability skills have become a decisive factor through which employers judge the candidates and subsequently hire employees. Therefore, before we bask in the grounds for why employability skills hold such a paramount place from an employer’s perspective, let’s first discuss what skills can be counted as the employability skills.

Communication skills

Communication, whether verbal or written, is one of the most critical employability skills for a person to possess. Prominent employability assessment programs in Delhi recommend students to develop their communication skills, both written and spoken, for companies majorly require each of their employees to be confident while talking face to face or over the phone to clients. As well, they want you to communicate things over an email flawlessly.


Like said earlier, employers seek skills that help them build an efficient and peaceful working environment; teamwork is utterly significant from this standpoint. Skill development training programme in Delhi NCR makes you go through projects and employability programs under which they ask students to do assignments in groups and teams, subsequently developing teamwork skills in them.


It’s quite crucial for students to be able to plan, organize and execute tasks all on their own. Setting deadlines and meeting them form an essential facet of this process. According to the skill development training programme in Delhi NCR, employers want you to be self-sufficient and know how to manage and make others work for you.


Under any business development training, they hurl difficulties and challenges in front of you and ask you to solve them, again all on your own. Employers are not likely to hire people who come to them for solutions every time you face a challenge at work.

Reasons why employability skills are important from an employer’s perspective

  • Employability skills act as a performance indicator for employers. Employers want you to possess these skills as they serve as cognitive factors to judge your performance. If you lack these skills, it directly indicates the flaws in your performance.
  • From an employers’ perspective, employability skills are more of a service that you offer to the company. With the aid of these skills, you help in the growth of the company. In other words, it is an employee’s contribution to the development of the company.
  • Employers look for employability skills in candidates because it is through these skills that an employee can fulfil the needs of the employer and the company.
  • Employability skills of the candidates will help the employer to combat challenges faced by the company. They act as shields and guards during times of adversities, assisting the company in resolving all or any problems encountered.

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