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    PhD (Birmingham) FIE, FAeroS, FWAPS Vice Chancellor Amity University Haryana, Gurgaon,

    The agenda you have for your company is an important one for building quality of education, promoting entrepreneurship and boosting employability . My very best wishes for your great success.

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  • Dr. K.S.Subramanian

    Global Evangelist

    The essence of pre-empting life choice by the student community, through counselling and guidance is to enable him to be in a position of advantage. The choice is his, but we wish to facilitate the decision making process by placing alternatives before him/her. The aim is to align his education, training and development which has matured into his skill sets to take on the society at large in a highly competitive and changing atmosphere. He should reach his intended goal of his own.

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  • Sudhir Agarwal

    VP,Head-Government Relations -Thomson Reuters Private Limited

    In modern days, we live in virtual and connected World. Passive websites through Portal to Social properties is simple and great way to build network and stay connected in the World of opportunities. The student fraternity, being younger generation, stands to gain all-round through the natural benefits of technology and concepts of portal & social properties. It is one-stop shop for all kind of services, information, connecting with people, ... that a student may require to get started with a professional life.

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  • Mr. Shrikant Rasane

    Co-founder and Director, Seed Infotech Limited

    Employability is one of the biggest challenge or pain point as an outcome of the current system of formal Education and Training. The objective of the Studenting Era portal is to exactly address this by supplementing formal education and training through the professional value added inputs. I am sure this portal will really be beneficial for students and graduates for enhancing their employability

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  • Dr. K. K. Pande

    Dean Academics & Director International Affairs, Distance Education Internal Quality Assurance Cell, Kaushal Kendra Teerthanker Mahaveer University Moradabad

    Its nice to see Studenting era providing a one stop solution to the student needs in an era when learning is moving from brick and mortar buildings to online mode. I am sure this venture will make complicated skills simple.

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  • Dr. Nandkishore Rathi

    Chief Navigating Officer

    Studenting Era is one stop platform for all your needs to grow from learner to earner

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  • Shantanu Bose


    "As the web has dominated our life, work and thinking; it has moved from web 1.0 to 2.0 and beyond. Education and education system has not kept pace with this change and thus for a student there are 2 systems they operate from for learning and knowledge - the - formal but the old system and the informal which is the new system. As the student toggles between the two, he/she faces lots of dilemma and challenge. StudentingEra is an initiative to provide the student moving from school to college and beyond a portal that'll address their career as well as learning needs and act as the old adage of 'friend, philosopher and guide' & 'Guru' thrown into one.

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  • Sanjay Srivastava

    Chief Business Officer GEMS Education, India

    A student, a professional or an entrepreneur - all will get benefited by what this portal offers. This team of professionals have given a definite shape to their belief and commitment to give back to society what they may have gained. In their endeavour to provide the best to the society at large, they have put in their best to bring together so many great minds and ideas and it calls for an appreciation. I wish them good luck as this initiative is for the betterment of society.

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  • Mr. R.F.Kherani

    Chairman and Managing Director, IANT Educomp Pvt Ltd

    It is a great idea to bring together so many different services at a single platform. The student community stands to gain immensely from this initiative. This portal provides them an opportunity to learn various skills, upgrade themselves to match the market requirements and last but the least interact with eminent people from the industry.

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  • Anand Kapai

    Director, Marketing and Business Development Siemens Healthcare

    Studenting Era could eventually become an Amazon-like marketplace for students. Here's wishing you all the success as you begin this exciting journey

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  • Sanjeeb Chaudhuri

    Global Head of Brand and Chief Marketing Officer Leading Multinational Bank

    You have laid out a very broad canvas very relevant to a student. I am sure you will ensure flawless execution which will be key to success - I wish you all the very best.

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  • Praveen Jagwani

    CEO at UTI International Ltd

    Having just put my son through to college, I can say that I am intimately aware of the challenges of the journey and the endurance it requires, on part of the student. I think a resource like this is much needed for the vast majority of Indian students who have the talent but need a bit of guidance to realize their dreams.

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  • Sushill K Jiwarajka

    Exec. Chairman at Omnigrid Micropower Co. Pvt. Ltd Chairman-Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry-Western Regional Council(2000-2013)

    Searching for colleges, schools, courses,skill development can be a harrowing experience for most children and their parents. The portal that you are creating will bring huge relief to both and help in bringing various stakeholders on a single platform.

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  • Lalita Sinha

    VP- HR, Asic Pacific On Process Technology

    I believe its a great opportunity for the students to showcase their projects and get noticed by eminent personalities. The opportunity will help students build their brand and connect with right people in the industry.

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  • Mr. Rajesh Vartak

    Executive Director and CTO, Seed Infotech Limited

    Many eminent personalities have shown confidence on the concept of this portal. The students stand to gain and learn from the services which will carve a niche for themselves in their areas of work

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  • Jayashree Venketaramanan


    A Prelude to such a portal is just a beginning of a new platform of a much bigger scale. It's just a little overwhelming to know that this school of opportunities is exactly what I had wished for at the start of my career. Nevertheless its never too late. I wish the students get the best out of the services and may this be a step to a new level of excellence.

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  • Sarthak Sengupta

    Director/ Partner Sarthak Sahil Design Co.

    Studenting Era is first of its kind platform to provide the much needed guidance to students, empowering them to take the right decisions about their academic future and career path. This platform provides its users with a beautiful balance of mentoring and counseling which is quite unique its own way. It has tools to trigger an out of the box thinking which may lead to entrepreneurship skill development as well. We wish all the best to the entire team of Studenting Era for taking this forward.

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  • Dr. S B Goyal

    Professor & HoD-CSE, JRE Group of Institutions, Greater Noida

    Studenting Era has introduced very unique concept for students single point portal for multiple services like career counseling to assess an individual student and to recommend the appropriate learning skills based on IT, Soft Skills, and Domain Skills. Studenting Era will provide a platform to seniors and juniors to interact with each other and do collaborative learning; develop the out-of the box thinking, leadership skills, project guidance & assessment also. Studenting Era will offer a real parenting to students towards real success. It will become life saver for students facing problems in their career, academics, planning and guidance. I strongly recommend him to school-college students to take unique benefit of Studenting Era services which would surely prove to be beneficial.

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  • Sahil Bagga

    Managing Director, Sarthak Sahil Design Co

    Studenting Era has been designed in a manner that it becomes a central location for educational guidance and career path mentor-ship. This platform can benefit students from various disciplines including design. Moreover, it is a great way to connect with market experts and academia, beyond the walls of a classroom. This is a great initiative and we wish all the best to the entire team of Studenting Era.

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  • Akhlaque Khan


    With such prestigious names and brands willing to associate with this portal says a lot about the trust that the big names place on the team behind the concept. To me, it is just the beginning of a great plethora of opportunities and services that a student can leverage.